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When how you live matches where you live, the world becomes your playground. Experience the heart of Dublin, where you can find food for every mood and a memory for every moment.

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Make it beautiful. Make it yours. Make it home.

Have your measuring tape handy and your new furniture picked out—you’ve found your new home. Choose the floor plan that works for you and your lifestyle, then it’s ready, set, move in.


Match how you live

with where you live.


From choosing where to go, what to do and who to see, your days become a lot more memorable here at Bridge Park. Being at the center of everything you want and need gives you options to explore the world outside your front door.

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Perks of THE park



Enjoy the little things that matter when it comes to how you live. See the full list of amenities here.



Create a memory for every moment when you live with options to explore more outside your front door.



See how you can save on your apartment or what you can earn with our Bridge Park specials.


Seeing is believing.


Before you get settled in, schedule a tour to get a feel for the space. See for yourself why so many people love calling Bridge Park home.



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