New Coworking and Creative Meeting Space to Open in Bridge Park

Brick House Blue Set to Unify Diverse Businesses Owners In a Collaborative Work Environment

DUBLIN, OHIO – Working with entrepreneurs, start-ups and virtual workers to help them discover, build and grow was the inspiration behind creating Brick House Blue, a new coworking and creative meeting space, set to open Nov. 2017 at Bridge Park in Dublin.

The new 9,000 sq. ft. facility, located at 6605 Longshore Street, will bring together a collaborative coworking environment with a diverse set of workspaces and provide four large “think tank” rooms to give businesses a creative space for off-site team meetings and strategy sessions.

Co-founders Cid Rhomberg and Dave Mirgon, who both have extensive experience as talent management consultants, career coaches and marketing and finance strategists for Fortune 50 companies, will offer on-site strategy and leadership development sessions for businesses, as well as executive consulting.

“We are thrilled to join the Bridge Park community and chose this location because our coworking members, corporate guests and consulting clients will have the convenient access to the vibrant community of Bridge Park,” said Rhomberg. “Our goal is to support our client’s learning and development by providing unparalleled service and experience. By extending our clientele’s visit beyond our doors and into Bridge Park, our members have a variety of restaurant and entertainment options waiting for them.”

“We’re committed to providing a fun and inspiring environment that helps our members and guests create results,” said Mirgon. “We’re defining a culture where we want to work, and where we can all share success.”

Brick House Blue will provide its members and guests with dedicated spaces, desks, conference rooms, collaborative lounges, outdoor balcony space, a kitchen and high-end amenities. The interior is constructed in a way that facilitates collaboration, fosters ideas, and even offers people a place to unwind and unplug. The industrial look of their space is meant to create a sense of community.

“Brick House Blue provides flexible opportunities for the entrepreneurial spirit that drives Dublin and the City of Columbus,” said Crawford Hoying President Brent Crawford. “They will play a vital role in helping young businesses grow right here in Bridge Park.”

To learn more about the membership benefits and event space, please contact Cid Rhomberg at (614) 889-1885 or visit