Bridge Park Commercial Leasing 

Business owners, restaurateurs and entertainment venues know that the right location is a vital component for success. Bridge Park will be home to 224,000 square feet of retail, restaurant and grocery space and 373,000 square feet of Class A office space. With a convenient blend of everything, there’s room to enjoy and benefit from other businesses and spaces around you.

Because it’s not just about location for your business; it’s also about location for the people who work for you. When employee benefits meet employee perks outside of work, you get more than hardworking employeesyou get happy people.


Here’s What You’re Getting

  • Option to Rent or Own a Home Near Work
  • Opportunity to Network with Other Retailers and Businesses

  • Access to Bridge Park's Waterway, Green Space and Fitness Path

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Leasing c2 Building  

Perched at the corner of Riverside Drive and Bridge Park Avenue, building C2 is the most visible and generates the highest customer traffic.

  • 2nd Floor | 17,341 SF available
  • 3rd Floor | 17,341 SF available
  • 4th Floor | Currently leased 
  • 5th Floors | Currently leased 


With anchor tenants such as RAM Brewery and PINS Mechanical, buildings C3 and B1/B2 have the blueprint that can be customized to your unique business' footprint. 

  • C3 2nd Floor | 7,500 SF available
  • B1 2nd Floor | 28,100 SF available
  • B2 2nd Floor | 16,700 SF available

Be at Bridge Park.

Learn more about who's already coming to The Park, available square footage and buildout capabilities.

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